Pot, Pan, and Utensil dishwashers are designed specifically for such items. These items sometimes need more room then what is available in an under the counter dishwasher, or Pass through dishwasher. Pot, Pan, Utensil dishwasher are sometimes combined into a frontloading or under the counter dishwashers. These dishwashers are more economical than having two separate types of dishwashers in your kitchen.

Glass dishwashers are designed to be gentler on glassware. Glass dishwashers have special brushes to scrub the inside of the glasses. With both glass and pot, pan, utensil dishwashers, most commercial style dishwashers come with the option to have special cycles and special racks for glasses, or heavy soiled items. This cuts down on the having to buy more than one dishwasher.

Commercial Dishwashers

Commercial dishwashers

Whether you have a small restaurant, large restaurant, cafeteria, or a catering business a commercial dishwasher is a must. A restaurant grade dishwasher has many more features and options over a personal household dishwasher. A commercial dishwasher can wash a load of dishes in as little as 60 seconds compared to the 60 to 90 minutes that is required for a personal household dishwasher.

Commercial dishwashers come in many styles. Conveyor, Under Counter, Upright, Pot, Pan, Utensil, and Glass Dishwashers.

Conveyor Dishwashers are considered to the best, because they are the hardest working of all dishwashers. All you do is slide a rack of dishes in one side, and in seconds, your dishes are conveyed out the other side. Conveyor dishwashers aren't recommended for small kitchens, but are crucial for a large kitchen.

Under counter dishwashers are perhaps the most popular, due to compact size. They do have a downfall though, they must be placed in a low traffic area of your kitchen. The unloading and load process can disorder a high traffic area. Upright Dishwashers or Pass Through Dishwashers all work the same way. Load a tray of dishes, and close the door or hood for each washing cycle.

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